No More Headphones on the Desk


The MakerBot Head Phone stand seems to be a rite of passage for a lot of 3d printers. My first few attempts at printing the stand failed. For one attempt I didn’t check that the print would fit the print volume of the Prusa i3 mk2 – it didn’t. The second attempt delaminated half way through and ended up a rats nest of wated filament:

The early attempts at the stand took double digit hours (20+ for one attempt) – a high % infill made for an incredibly strong stand (the upright of the stand didn’t crush under 150+ lbs ), but an incredibly long print time:

This print is scaled to 85% of original size, and rotated 90 degrees to fit the print volume of the Prusa. It’s also set for 5% infill in an attempt to speed up the print time. The first attempt this time failed after the 2nd layer – all kinds of frizzing and mis-adhesion. It looks like the filament spool had unwound an extra loop and had tightened around the spool holder, causing too much tension in the line leading to the extruder. The second attempt was a success – a quick, light weight, and somewhat light durability head phone stand.

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