Five Intersecting Tetrahedra – Outdoor Ornament

Can I print a solid, interesting, and decent quality large scale ornament suitable for outdoor use during the holidays? I used an ornament design that was provided with built in supports, which made sense for the complex geometry. I scaled up the print to 175% of original, with a final print size of 148mm x 147mm x 122.5mm….

PKSW Ornament – Final Version

After two full redesigns, three rounds of print testing, and completely re-selecting materials, the holiday ornaments were ready. A short batch of print runs was enough to build ornaments for the handful of friends and family we want to gift them too. The final print runs took a bit under 24 hours, but overall I’d estimate that…

Holiday Ornament – Individual Prints

Final draft of the holiday ornament. Tolerances are perfect, and everything stays in place with just tension. Going to try a few prints at higher quality to see if the extra print time has a worthwhile effect. Almost time to crank out a dozen or so of these. Initially this was meant to include four…

Holiday Ornament – Second Draft

The solution to really messy edging and surface detail from the solid ornament is solvable by breaking the beveled letters apart into individual chunks, with the letter face toward the print bed.  Having the letter surface on the print bed will guarantee a smooth surface, especially with translucent filaments, where even minor layer variations are very noticable….

Holiday Ornament – First Draft

With Christmas fast approaching, I decided to start designing our family ornament for the year. I wanted it to be simple, but interesting, and identifiably us. I settled on a fairly simple shape with each of our first initials beveled into a cube. At full scale this was a long print, and the supports were a nightmare….