Ships – Space Station Repairs

The Space Station and Scaled Up Space Station prints are really intricate, and really delicate. They’re fantastic additions to the growing ship fleets of each of the kids, but there can be… difficulties. Not 30 seconds after the six year old got his scaled up space station, this was deposited on the table in front of me:

This was to be expected (although, to be honest, I thought I had at least an hour before it was in pieces) – and I already had a plan on reinforcing the station to try and ward off repairs for a few more hours. A drill, a dowel, and a few rough measurements later, and the repairs were almost complete:

We’ll see how long this version lasts.

Tools and Materials:

  • Drill: 1/8th inch bit
  • Digital caliper
  • Dowel: 1/8th inch wood, cut to length

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