Airship 1 – Model Errors

I recently backed the RPG Tool Wargaming Printable Items Kickstarter, and received the model files in mid December. I’ve started to make my way through the models, printing as many of them as look interesting. Quite a lot of the models are supplied as components that can be combined to create more complex and varied structures.

Why not start with an airship? This is a large, multi-part model that will take some time to piece together.

I started printing this airship from a base model that was split into three parts. Cleanup of the first part I printed (the rear third) took a fair amount of time, and while the details of the ship body looked nice, some issues were becoming apparent:

The prints took a bit more than 2x longer than expected, and it looks like the models had surface normalization issues prior to slicing, with large chunks of the three base pieces missing in the printed versions. Salvagable, but we’ll need to fix the files and reprint for a full version of the airship.

Comparing the model and printed version of the rear third of the ship:

And the center third:

And the front third:

A bit over 52 hours of print time, and a failed, but hopefully recoverable, piece to show for it. The airship was also included split into two model files, which fit into the printable volume of my printer with only a few centimeters to spare. I’ll be detailing that build in a separate post.

  • Maker: Kevin Rau
  • Source: RPG Tools – RPG/Wargame 3D Megapack
  • Original License: Commercial / Resellable
  • Models:
    • Base center third – straight middle deck
    • Base front third – pointed
    • Base rear third
  • Materials:
    • Inland Light Brown PLA 1.75mm
  • Print Date: 2017/12/28 – 2017/1/2
  • Print Time:
    • Base center third: 12 hours 1 minute
    • Base front third: 13 hours 5 minutes
    • Base rear third: 27 hours 16 minutes
  • Estimated Print Time:
    • Base center third: 5 hours 41 minutes
    • Base front third: 9 hours 52 minutes
    • Base rear third: 16 hours 6 minutes
  • Estimated Filament:
    • Base center third: 41 meters
    • Base front third: 76 meters
    • Base rear third: 129 meters
  • Slicer: Slic3r/Cura 3
  • Slicer Settings:
    • PLA
    • 0.20mm layers
    • 20% infill
    • Include Supports
    • No Brim
    • detect thin walls
    • extra perimeters if needed
  • Printer: Prusa i3 mk2

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