Charging Bull

We spent a few years working on Wall Street when we lived in New York City, and would occasionally walk through Bowling Green and see Charging Bull. I find this statue interesting for a few reasons: the financial mindset that drove early Wall Street, and the corruption (or logical conclusion) of that mindset into a one of profit-at-all-costs, the struggle between the 1%-ers and the rest of the world, and the constant battle around public space in New York City.

I’m printing this model partly for all of the reasons above, but mostly as a test of the Red Copper PLA from Tianse during a long print. The model itself has amazing detail, as I’ve come to expect from most of the Scan the World collection. The default size of the model is incredibly small, so it needs to be scaled up before printing. I went with
3300% scale:

Cleaning this model up is a minor nightmare, with hard to reach supports, small spaces, and dense connections between support and model.

Printed in Red Copper PLA and cleaned up it looks quite nice:


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