Pikachu, I print you!

A Pikachu needed to be in the first few prints on the new Purse i3, because reasons. This model was part of a much larger model set for a full chess set of Pokemon that included elevated and stylized bases for each type of chess piece. The toppers for the pieces (Pikachu was one of many pawns) makes for an excellent game piece and stand alone toy mini-fig.

This was one of our first really successful prints beyond the test models that come bundled with the Purse i3 mk3. Earlier attempts were good lessons on layer sizing and when to use (and when to not use) support structures.

Overall a fun, quick print that resulted in a fairly durable figurine suitable for kids to play with. The tail will come off eventually, as it doesn’t have significant shared structure with the body, but that’s going to be true of just about any Pikachu figurine.

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