Pikachu Reprint

Two kids sharing one Pikachu is a recipe for disaster. That, and I wanted to test out a red Hatchbox filament. So a quick reprint of the Pikachu figurine from Reprinting the Pikachu from Pikachu, I print you!


Fairly good quality print, with zero cleanup, just like the first print of the figurine. With these solid base prints, I’ve noticed it’s drastically easier to get the print off the print bed if the model lines up such that the center screw hole for the bed is under the edge of the model, like it is here. That screw hole, while nearly perfectly even with the rest of the bed, provides just enough of a gap to easily get a putty knife under the edge of the model to pry it up.


  • Print Date: 2017/09/04
  • Print Time: 3 hours, 8 minutes
  • Material: Hatchbox Red PLA 1.75mm
  • Slicing: No change from the settings used for Pikachu, I print you!

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