Cleaning a Glue Covered PEI Bed

After the seven PETG prints and one PLA print for the Deck Builder the print bed on the Prusa i3 is completely covered in glue residue. A thin layer of glue (I’ve liked using a simple glue stick so far) is a simple way to provide more adhesion for the first layer of a print, but after a few layers build up, the bed can get pretty gross. The residue creates an uneven surface, and prints start failing, or the printer hot end starts impacting the print bed surface.

I tried a handful of ways to clean off the bed, looking for some method that wouldn’t take forever.

Method: Isopropyl Wipes
Result: For a small bit of glue the single package isopropyl wipes (like the samples shipped with the Prusa i3) might work, but for a larger surface, this just doesn’t work. The wipe might liquify a small patch of glue, but then the wipe just disentigrates.

Method: Nail polish remover
Result: Hardened glue on the print bed is roughly the same consistency as gel nail polish, so maybe nail polish remover would work? A towel with a dab of remover on it can turn the glue back to a sticky surface, and works over a wider area than the isopropyl wipe without disintegrating , but doesn’t remove any of the glue, just makes it sticky.

Method: Damp paper towel on headed bed h/t: Mark Fuller
Result: The idea is to heat the print bed to ~60 degrees, and then lay a damp paper towel over the whole bed. Let it steam for a minute or two, and then use towel to wipe the loosened glue off the bed. It took a few tries (mostly because the glue was so thick), but this worked better than any other method yet.

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