All The Clips

One of the first things I printed on my Prusa i3 was a small set of filament clips to keep spools of filament from unwinding while they’re stored in air-tight bins. Rather than print one at a time, at first I put four copies of a single clip into a gcode file, which worked out well.

As I’ve tested out new filaments, I’ve continually forgotten to print a new batch of clips. I’ve also started in on spools of filament from a range of different manufacturers, and the original set of clips I printed didn’t fit some of these spools well.

I finally remembered that I needed to print more clips, and to save myself future headache, I went over board. I generated a gcode file with three each of all of walter‘s 1.75mm Filament Clip models. 33 clips of different shapes and sizes, hopefully enough to last for a long while.

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