Heart of TeFiti

Moana is kind of a big deal, especially around our house. We don’t sing songs from Frozen, we sing songs from Moana. Lo and behold a handful of Moana artifacts on Thingiverse: Maui, Pua and Hei-Hei, somehow not a single good Moana, a Kakamora Chief, and of particular interest a Heart of TeFiti.

A Heart of TeFiti to call his own could make a five year old very, very happy:

This was printed with dense infill because this is going to take some abuse from a 5 year old. I printed without a brim, which resulted in the edges of the two halves of the model separating from the print bed. Without a perfectly flat surface the two halves can’t be usefully glued together, but the single detailed half serves as a good stand in for a complete print.

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