Polyhedron – Truncated Icosidodecahedron

I have a mild obsession with polyhedra. The more complicated, intersecting, stellated, the better. I’ve got a stack of books on building polyhedra from paper, variations on polyhedra… it’s a bit much sometimes. And then I stumbled across two things on Thingiverse:

  1. Customizers
  2. A convex polyhedra customizer

I may have lost a few hours to playing with the customizer before I settled on a model and settings. A (fairly) simple truncated icosidecahedron with thin edges.

I wanted a fairly quick print, to get a feel for the quality and strength of the thin edges, but unfortunatley with supports enabled (which is a must with the overhangs and minimal vertical stability) this print still took more than seven hours, even at 0.35mm layers.

Cleanup was also non-trivial, at 40 minutes. It took a scraper, three shapes of files, a clipper, and a good amount of brute force to get all of the support structures off. This kind of model is a fantastic candidate for dissolvable support structures on printers that support multiple filaments during a print. Thankfully the fully printed icosidodecahedron is stronger than it looks, and stood up well to the abuse needed to clean it up.

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