Going Big with the Red Dragon

Let’s print the dragon, just bigger.

This came out beautifully, with only a few loose threads on the overhanging tail, where I should have added a support column. But considering the angle of the tail, that turned out better than I could have expected. At full scale and 0.15mm layers, this is a really nice quality model. This is one of the longest prints I’ve done so far, at 20+ hours spread over two days.

I don’t think this dragon will make an appearance any time soon for our adventurers, but it does give me some ideas of what may be to come.

  • Maker: makerslabcz
  • Source: Dragon
  • Original License: Creative Commons – Attribution
  • Model: Dragon_Z.stl
  • Scale: 100% of Original
  • GCode: –
  • Material: Hatchbox Red 1.75mm PLA
  • Print Date: 2017/09/25
  • Print Time: 20 hours 54 minutes
  • Estimated Print Time: 17 hours 40 minutes (PrusaControl 0.9.3_390_beta)
  • Estimated Filament: 55.1 meters (PrusaControl 0.9.3_390_beta)
  • Slicer: PrusaControl 0.9.3_390_beta
  • Slice Settings:
    • 0.15mm Layers
    • 20% infill, cubic
    • Supports on build plate
    • Include brim
  • Printer: Prusa i3 mk2

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