LEGO Compatible Pentagonal Angle

While it’s possible to hack together LEGO solutions for strange angles and shapes, wouldn’t it be nice to have pre-built blocks to help build the regular polygons?

I’ve had my eye on the various LEGO compatible SCAD files and customizers, and decided to try one of them out. Using a simple 2×2 plate block as the foundation, I built a block with a 108° inner angle that can be used to form pentagons:

The first batch of pentagon angles didn’t fit terribly well with standard legos. Too loose when connected to the base of a Lego, too tight and unable to snap in when placed on top of a standard Lego. It’s possible the nub holes and through-hole on the plate were an issue, so I printed a few test pieces of different heights and features to see what worked best.

For the next set of blocks, I’ll try a different template block or SCAD/customizer to see if it has better dimensions and tolerance.

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