City in the Sky – Print 1

We’re building environments and encounters in the _City in the Sky_. A portal from the Undermountain leads
to this once shining city perched on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by flying creatures and machines. The canals marbled throughout the city have fallen into disrepair and darkness, and the city that was once legendary for its beauty, culture, and magical innovation is now rotted from the inside out, with pockets of resistence fighting against the tide of evil that has turned the once great Houses of the City into warring clans.

This is a project spanning a series of prints, building up locations and encounters throughout the City in the Sky:

  • Print One – [The Griffin Portal]()

The Griffin Portal

Griffins watch over the portal from the Undermountain in the City in the Sky, guarding against the evils that were foretold to conquer the Undermountain. It is not lost on those that see the Griffins that they seem to guard against what comes out of the portal, and not what goes in…

At 90% of the original model scale, this fits almost perfectly in a 2×3 section of dungeon/map tile.

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