Undermountain Dungeon – Print 2

We’re building another dungeon, this time the Undermountain. The Undermountain is a series of tunnels and rooms that once belonged to a dwarven stronghold, but have been taken over by an ancient wyrm and its devout goblin worshipers. This is a project spanning lots of different prints, until we generate all of the tiles we need for the dungeon we have in mind. The prints are spread across:

The Sundered Spire

The magic portal from the sewer dungeon leads to a similar looking portal in the Undermountain, the lair of an ancient dragon, shut away beneath a dwarven stronghold. The altar at the center of the portal room has four paths, each leading to a magic portal to another location. One of these paths has collapsed, leaving a blocked passageway. At the entrance to each passage is a magical obelisk, this obelisk holds the power and enchantments that activate each of the portals. The obelisk in front of the collapsed passageway tells a tale of a great confrontation – the obelisk is sundered into two pieces, the magic dissapated, and, we assume, the portal permanently deactivated.

I used the Slottsmollan Obelisk from devonjones for the basic magic obelisks. For the Sundered Spire I broke the original model into pieces, and mounted them on smooth stone tiles.

I used TinkerCad To break apart the obelisk, and add the rough texture of shattered stone. The rough texture comes from the Terrain Community Shape Generator. Both the obelisk and the generated terrain I used are fairly complex surfaces. Because of this, joining solid and negative space objects in TinkerCad took 10-15 seconds before the composite models looked correct.

When I opened up the base model in Slic3r, it couldn’t properly render the preview of the model; two of the faces were missing, showing through to the hollow center of the model. After comparing the size of generated GCODE files with similar settings between Slic3r and PrusaControl, I guessed that Slic3r was also improperly slicing the model. I’ll go with PrusaControl for slicing these.

Huh. Good reason Slic3r couldn’t properly render a preview of the models: Sliced in either PrusaControl or Slic3r, the entire middle of the model is missing from GCODE. The printer finishes the first centimeter of the print, then jumps up 5 centimeters vertically and tries to continue. Let’s see if we can fix things in MeshMixer. Opening the STL file in MeshMixer, and selecting Edit – Make Solid and then exporting seems to have done the trick.

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