Sewer Dungeon – Final Encounter

With a thwoomp and a fading flash of light, the party was pulled into the magic portal, whisking them away from the sewer dungeon they’d been exploring for the last three sessions.

The final session in the sewers involved the party sneaking through the workshop and portal room
at the end of the dungeon – happening upon a goblin wizard ordering his henchmen around as they
attempted to coerce an angry wyrmling out of the portal area, and into the dungeon proper.

A fumbled strike from one of the rogues left a blade shattered on the ground, and the wizard misfired a scorching ray, spraying rock shards across the portal area, but in the end the party overwhelmed the goblins and the dragon.

The dust from the battle still hung in the air, and the question of “where does this portal go” was barely half spoken, before the portal sprung to life, pulling the party, one by one, through to the other side…

Up next – the Undermountain.

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