Wood-fill Jam and 0.4mm Drill Bits

I was experimenting with Hatchbox Wood-fill PLA, printing up some dungeon accessories, when an unfortunate thing happened. The wood fill cooled in the extruder, over heated with a small backup at the nozzle, and BAM- fully jammed hotend.

The Prusa i3 ships with a small packet containing two acupuncture needles, which are the ideal size for clearing jammed material from a 0.4mm hot end. It’s difficult to find _anything_ else that is the right size and durability, and acupuncture needles are hard to acquire. After a day of trying to clear the jammed wood-fill with various combinations of other materials, Kelly found (and ordered) perfectly sized 0.4mm drill bits.

A day or two later I had the drill bits in hand, and within minutes the jam was cleared, burnt wood fill and all:

I’m going to keep a set of these in my printing kit from now on.

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