Seven Oases – Print One

We’re building a city – the haven of the Seven Oases. Elevated walkways, docks, and camps dot the shores of the lakes that are fed by springs deep under the sands. Venture too far from the shade of the trees, and the protection of the walkways and docks, and the dangers of the desert are bound to set upon you.

The pieces of the Seven Oases are spread across a number of prints:

– Print One – [Sphinx Portal]()

The Sphinx Portal

The Sphinxes of the Seven Oases guard the portal to the Undermountain. A keen observer will note that they point toward the portal, not away, as if guarding the Oases from some unseen threat on the other side of the portal.

A magic of indiscernable origin imbues the Sphinxes with the ability to detect magical items that travelers crossing the portal threshold might use against those who occupy the Oases.

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