The Sewer Dungeon


Over the course of a month we built a sizable dungeon for the start of our Pathfinder campaign. Traipsing about in the sewers will be a recurring activity during the course of the campaign, albeit it in a variety of different sewers.

The thirteen prints to build this dungeon went from  small (a few sewer corners) to large (40 hours of sluice), and included basic tiles that will be reused throughout this and other campaigns, as well as a few specialty pieces (a barred sewer entrance and bridges) that give the sewer dungeon its character.

The players have already entered the sewers, where they are (at the time of writing) facing off against a deep pool full of crocodiles:

Printing this dungeon has been a fantastic way to explore Thingiverse and YouMagine, and has provided excellent practice in planning and executing prints with a ton of pieces.

Each of the print posts below has details on the files, settings, and frustrations that went into each component of the sewer dungeon. Some high level details:

 105 hours and 14 minutes of printing
744.4 meters of filament
151 indiviual pieces printed
~ $0.18 per tile, on average
$27.92 for the whole dungeon


The Prints

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