Sewer Dungeon – Print Two

We’re building a dungeon. This is a project spanning lots of different prints, until
we generate all of the tiles we need for the dungeon we have in mind. The prints
are spread across:

Print Two – Sewer Tunnel

This print was a rouch process, it failed twice due to loose bed adhesion, each
time losing a few hours of print time. It’s covering nearly the entire printable surface, but the pieces are disconnected, so any irregularities or unevenness in the print bed are hard to correct for. Once the print got a good footing, it produced a really nice tile set:

This print highlights the downside of batching together a large number of objects to fill available print time: enough failures, and you’ve burned through whatever time you had to gain, as well as wasted a whole lot of filament.


  • Series: OpenForge tiles
  • Maker: devonjones
  • Source: OpenForge Sewers
  • Original License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike
  • Source Models: All
  • Models:
    • sewer_wall_2x1.stl x6
    • sewer_sluice_straight.stl x2
    • sewer_sluice_end.stl
    • sewer_corner_concave.stl x1
    • sewer_pipe_wall-1×2.stl
    • sewer_pipe.stl
  • GCode: –
  • Material: Prusa Gray PLA 1.75mm
  • Print Date: 2017/09/22
  • Print Time: 8 hours 53 minutes
  • Estimated Print Time: 8 hours 16 minutes (PrusaControl)
  • Estimated Filament: 64.5 meters (PrusaControl)
  • Slicer: Slic3r PE 1.36.2
  • Slice Settings:
    • 0.35mm Fast Print
    • 10% infill cubic
    • no supports
  • Printer: Prusa i3 mk2

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