Sewer Dungeon – Print One

We’re building a dungeon. This is a project spanning lots of different prints, until we generate all of the tiles we need for the dungeon we have in mind. The prints are spread across:


Print One – The Corner

This print is the start of our dungeon, and also partially a test print of the sewer tiles. A bend in the sewer tunnel, with a covex corner as part of a larger sewer sluice pool.

Very clean print, again. These tiles are quick, easy, and very very sturdy. I had some issues with adhesion on the first few layers of the larger 2×2 tiles which is causing the corners to pull away from the print bed, but the upper surfaces of the print are unaffected.

Individual OpenForge tiles print relatively quickly, usually in 30-60 minutes each. To better use printer time during the day, I’m combining sets of tiles together into larger prints, so we get a collection of tiles from each print.


  • Series: OpenForge Tiles
  • Maker: devonjones
  • Source: OpenForge Sewers
  • Original License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike
  • Model Set: OpenForge Sewer Tiles – All
  • Selected Models:
    • sewer_corner_convex.stl
    • sewer_wall_1x1.stl x2
    • sewer_sluice_curved.stl
    • sewer_sluice_straight.stl x2
  • GCode: –
  • Material: Prusa Gray PLA 1.75mm
  • Print Date: 2017/09/20
  • Print Time: 3 hours 25 minutes
  • Estimated Print Time: 3 hours 3 minutes (PrusaControl)
  • Estimated Filament: – (PrusaControl)
  • Slicer: Slic3r PE 1.36.2
  • Slice Settings:
    • 0.35mm Fast Print
    • 10% infill cubic
    • no supports
  • Printer: Prusa i3 mk2

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