Sewer Dungeon – Print Thirteen

We’re building a dungeon. This is a project spanning lots of different prints, until we generate all of the tiles we need for the dungeon we have in mind. The prints are spread across:

This dungeon has a larger purpose; a magical portal at the end of the dungeon hints at a bigger dungeon complex, and story, yet to unfold. This model is an excellent self contained magic circle that will fit into the existing dungeon layout without much trouble.

I’m trying a few new print settings for this print. First off, I’m using the 3D honey comb fill, which should create a stronger infill with less material than other infill patterns. In an effort to reduce print time even further, I’m testing out Slic3r’s feature for doing thicker infill layers. In this mode the perimeter layers are printed at the configured layer size (in this case 0.35mm), but the infill layers are printed thicker, and only laid down every 3 layers.

The combined infill parameters had me a bit wary after the print first started. With a basic layer quality of 0.35mm, and combined fill every 3 layers, the infill height would seem to be 1.05mm, which is more than double the extruder size. I’ve kept a close eye on the print, and so far everything seems to be working, but the honeycomb infill does have visible vertical gaps between each layer.

This is also the first print where I’ve needed to swap in a new filament spool mid print. The switch was easy, but waiting for the right moment, wasting as little filament from the old spool, was time consuming.

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